Antique Appraisal

Held July 25, 2007

The antique appraisal held at the museum was a great success. All proceeds went to support the museum. The appraisal bus from Thomaston Place Auction Galleries arrived on a beautiful warm if not hot Down East summer day. There was a large turnout of people waiting with their items to be appraised. During the day, people really enjoyed hearing about the history of the various items. The auctioneer, John Bottero had a wealth of knowledge about the various items and said he would stay until the last item was take care of. In fact, the bus didn't roll out until after 7 that night. We're sure there were lots of people with pink sun burned skin after the day ended.

Be sure to visit the Thomaston Place Auction Galleries web site at

Photos from the appraisal

People begin to sign up for their appraisal, purchase museum merchandise as well as 50/50 raffle tickets.
Food and beverages were available. Water on this hot day was a big seller!
The Thomaston Place Antiques Auction Gallery van arrived and was ready to go. They didn't stop until the last item had been appraised. They finally got to go home after 7PM!
Some of the crowds that were hearing the history and information about the various items while waiting for their personal appraisal.  
Appraiser John Bottero telling crowd about item.
More items waiting to be appraised.
Some of the typical items that were appraised. Here a Wedgewood cup and saucer, gold ring and $3 dollar gold coins.
John Bottero telling the crowd about an items origins and history.
An antique cast iron train.
Appraiser John Bottero telling the crowd about the cast iron train set.
The lucky 50/50 raffle winner counts her winnings as organizers Ellen Strout and Paula Gillen look on. The museum and the lucky winner split the $186 pot.